LUNA Bar has been a champion for women since its founding in 1999. So on Equal Pay Day in 2017, we put our money where our mouth is to stand up for equality - discounting our bars 20% (the size of the wage gap) and matching that discount as a donation to fund salary negotiation workshops with AAUW. We teamed up with Gina Rodriguez to share her story, and our message. 

The 2017 campaign was touted as the "best campaign we've ever done" by the client, received an award of excellence from PRSA, and increased e-commerce for the brand by 117 percent. But we weren't done there.

In 2018, we doubled down and moved beyond creating awareness for the issue to providing a utility to help solve it. Catt Sadler joined the team, after leaving E! for being paid less than her male co-star, to help teach women everywhere important tips for negotiation, and the campaign secured over one billion impressions. We believe we can help end the pay gap one salary at a time, because at the end of the day, everything is negotiable - except equality.