Being creative is easy.

Ok, maybe it isn't easy, but it isn't rare. In my tenure as a copywriter, I've learned that there are plenty of marketers, brands and influencers who are wildly creative. In today's highly competitive landscape, though, is creativity enough?

We've all seen ads that grab your attention at the start, but then leave you scratching your head with no lasting impression other than "wait, what?" I'd list a few examples, but I can't seem to remember any - hence my point. They may be creative, but they fail to tell a real story about the brand or connect with the audience.

What's a bit harder to pull off, and infinitely more useful, however, is blending creativity with strategy. That means going beyond creativity for creativity's sake, discovering where the "why" for a brand meets the "why" for its audience and crafting a message that connects the two so people will actually listen to what you have to say.

Don't get me wrong, zany creativity certainly has its place. Just ask Squatty Potty. But even the most absurd creative will fail without an informed strategy baked in.

Some call it relevance. Some just call it strategy. Whatever you call it, it's the key to successful creative, and it's what I do best.

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